Pendleton Project 1: Tova Dress

I acquired some lovely green and grey wool fabric from Pendleton Woolen Mills back in September.  Fabric cuts from the Fall 2012 collection were on sale when I stopped by in mid-September.  I went back in December to to pick up a few more yards for this carpet bag pattern from Sew Liberated (and the fabric was still on sale!).  I finally finished my carpet bag last week, which I’ll share more about in a later post.

Here’s my Pendleton Tova dress (pattern by Wiksten).

Pendleton Tova Dress

I’m working on a better place to take project photos (with better light), but that’s what I’ve got for now!

I made a few adjustments to the pattern.  Given my height, I lengthened the dress and the sleeves by several inches before making a muslin in size medium.  I was surprised to find that the muslin was a bit tight across my chest so I added a quarter inch to the front, back, and inset pattern pieces (for a one inch total increase in bust size).  I think the sizing for this pattern might run a bit small so making a muslin is recommended.  (It’s always recommended, of course, but sometimes I get too excited to make one…and, then, I usually regret it…)

I have mixed feelings about this dress.  My partner’s first reaction upon seeing it was that it was quite baggy.  I tend to like clothes that are not super fitted so it didn’t bother me, but did cause me to analyze it a bit further in the mirror.  I came to the conclusion that it looks a bit like a nightgown, which was definitely not intended!  Oops…I still enjoy wearing it though and might add some elastic along with a fabric belt at the waist to counter the plaid nightgown look.

Finally, here’s a shot of the fabric close up so you can see the colors more accurately.  The wool is machine washable, and I’ve also dried it on medium in the drier with no issues.  It’s very slightly scratchy against my skin, but not enough for me to feel the need to line it or wear a slip underneath.

Pendleton fabric close-up


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