Hello world!

Obligatory hello world post.  Looking forward to filling this space with things I love and to finding and giving inspiration along the way.

For now, succulents!

my miniature succulent garden

Succulents have become something of an obsession for me since moving to the Northwest this past year.  Vertical gardening spurred my initial interest, and then I realized they’re ALL OVER my neighborhood.  While I also love maidenhair ferns (blog name as evidence!), I find succulents really interesting because they’re both relatively easy to care for (aka can withstand long periods of neglect that I commonly subject plants to…) AND propagation is super easy.

Many of the succulent rosettes in my miniature garden were collected from neglected rock walls on various outings in my neighborhood.  After collection, I laid the cuttings out, and let the stems callous over for several weeks.  Once small roots were beginning to sprout, I potted them.  A few weeks later, some are well-rooted; others aren’t just yet, but all seem to be thriving!

For a nice summary of succulent propagation, see here.


3 responses to “Hello world!

  1. Love your miniature garden. I have a few succulents as house plants but don’t know anything about them – though the fact that they’re still alive does testament to their toughness.

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